Executive Recruiting

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  • We deliver results. C-Level executives hired with our [methodology] are more likely to stay and be promoted.
  • We present minority candidates who demonstrate Executive Presence, Thought Leadership, and Industry Influence
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Leadership Training

Retention MAGNET Cultures
Employee MAGNET Leaders

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Diversity Recruiter Training

Become a (High Performance) Diversity MAGNET Recruiter

Generate an influx of diverse, competitive, job seekers to your applicant pool(s) in 90 days or less through our 8 Week | Online | Diversity Magnet Recruiter Training Program

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I will help you to CREATE and IMPLEMENT your Diversity Recruiting Strategy in 90 days or less. This includes:

  • Access to my #Diversity MAGNET Recruiter private group coaching program
  • Weekly (LIVE) 1-hour group coaching and Q&A sessions
  • Clear roadmap and Recruiter Toolkit Checklist so you will know EXACTLY what to do each week
  • Weekly homework assignments to keep you accountable
  • Templates and scripts, including introduction email and social media scripts
  • Direct access to me as your diversity recruiting strategy coach for 60 days —including all of my knowledge from leading large-scale diversity recruitment teams
  • My unwavering enthusiasm, support, and brainpower to help you achieve your goals
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Free PDF Guide

In this guide, you will view: Common interview questions, reasons why employers would ask the question, what NOT to say, what TO say (best practice answers), bonus tip (as applicable) for UPs, sample answers