How To Crush A Behavioral Interview



Have you ever experienced an interview that made you wonder why so many of the questions were focused on emotions? Did you leave feeling confused on how well you answered those questions? Have you begun to wonder if they will occur again in later interviews?

Well, job seekers, these questions are a part of what we call a behavioral interview. Get used to it because you will most likely experience this form of interviewing again throughout the process of your job search.

In this week’s video, I will help you understand what a behavioral interview is and how you can prepare yourself so you won’t be left feeling lost or put on the spot by the interviewer.

Even though behavioral-driven questions may seem to be casual conversation, it’s important that you take what I share in today’s video seriously. Employers look into this set of answers to get a feel for your behavior and if fits with the position you are applying for. They are also using your answers to determine if you will represent the company well. Your answers to these behavioral questions are one of the many ways you leave an impression on the interviewer, and, therefore, will play a factor in their hiring decision.

So, take notes and get ready to become a behavioral interviewing pro!


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Hey Jobseekers, Jennifer Tardy here. Welcome to the CareerSuccess Channel for UPs. Today’s video will focus on how to crush a behavioral interview. Not all interviews will be the same and this type of interview does come up a lot. So, it is important to know what behavioral-based questions are and how to prepare adequate answers for them.  

Make sure you stick around to the end because you don’t want to miss the highlight of the video where I share my favorite segment, #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs.

You don’t want to miss out! Stay tuned!

Have you ever been in an interview and were confused as to why you were asked so many questions on how you handled a situation? Or what were the results of your actions regarding a certain task you were responsible for? Did you feel put on the spot and didn’t quite know how to correctly answer? Well, in this video, I will be explaining what these type of questions are, and give you steps on how to master them even when you don’t expect them to come your way. Let’s jump right into it!

Step #1: Know What A Behavioral Interview Is

STAR method that is seen as a structured way of responding to behavioral-based questions that discuss: specific Situations, the Tasks associated with those situations, the Actions that you took to handle the situations, and the Results that became the final outcome of the situation.

With any type of interview, you need to be prepared. So after this video, make sure to check out Interview Preparation Checklist (HOW TO SLAY YOUR INTERVIEW)”

Step #2: Tell Your Story Truthfully

Don’t get caught up in what you think the employer WANTS to hear. Remain honest. 

Don’t make your story sound rehearsed or made-up on the spot. Sound genuine and passionate about your experience

Sometimes answering questions can be very intimidating and cause massive nervousness. I have a video for that, too!! Checkout “How To Let Go of Interview Nervousness” 

Quick Pause! When asked a behavioral-based question such as, “Describe a situation where you had to calm a disgruntled customer. How was it resolved & how did you respond?” Would you have prepared an answer prior to the interview? If not, then how did you step up to the plate? Leave a comment below in the comment section.

Step #3: Think Of Pivotal Moments In Your Career

Make sure they are compelling and paint you in a positive light.
Think of at least 3 pivotal stories to focus on. What did you do well? What did you NOT do so well?
How were you able to turn something around that someone else did not do too well?
Be specific at all times, but do not include too much information or start rambling. Focus on the main factors.

Step #4:  Practice, Practice, Practice

This will allow for easy, quick answers when these type of questions come up.
Pair up with someone that can ask behavioral questions, so you can practice slicing your story to fit.
This will help you perfect your answers to make sure there is always a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Not only will practicing give you an opportunity to master your answers, but it will also help you work on your speech and how you relay your words. Watch “How To Speak Clearly and Concisely During An Interview” 

From previous interview experience, what would you consider to be good behavioral-based questions to practice? Share your answer below in the comment section.

As Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Tip: When faced with a behavioral-based question while interviewing, try answering with a story that connects with your identity and shows how you were able to overcome in the end. This will not only feel more personal, but will be portrayed as more authentic and resonate better with the interviewer, as well as the overall goals of the company in which you are interviewing for.

I’m glad that you rode out these few minutes with me and stuck it out to the very end! Hope you got what you came for and more! As a reminder, to successfully crush a behavioral interview you must first understand what is a behavioral interview, make sure to tell your story truthfully, think of at least 3 pivotal moments in your career to focus on, and make sure to practice as much as you can. Following these steps and watching the recommended videos will surely help master all of the behavioral-based questions that may come your way throughout your job search journey.

As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now. I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! 

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