5 Signs Of A Bad Employer


Do you know how to recognize signs of a bad employer during a job interview? If not, this video is for you. I am giving you 5 major red flags that are often seen in job interviews.

We will discuss interview red flags that will help you spot a toxic boss and a potentially bad work environment. A toxic manager may give off warning signs of a bad company. Knowing what to watch out for in the beginning will allow you to spot a bad situation during your next interview.

By being aware of these red flags you can prevent yourself from wasting time at a disastrous company. If  you find yourself noticing these warning signs, know your time is better spent continuing your search for the company you are destined to work for.

Yes, there may be times where the interviewer is simply having a bad day, just like we all do, or maybe you’ve caught them on a day when their workload is super heavy and they are overwhelmed and running behind. That is possible. However, if you notice that their actions are not justifiable or can’t be logically explained, then never look back once you step outside that door.

It’s important that you listen and take into consideration these potential employer red flags. They may be signs that you should not accept a job offer.


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Hey job seekers, Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach. And today I’m going to share with you signs of a bad employer. And while we’ve been talking about interviews, I’m going to share with you some interview red flags that you don’t want to miss. And, as always, I have my most favorite career success bonus tip at the end, for UP’s. So make sure you stick around, because you don’t ever want to miss that. All right.

So, let me set this up for you, because you may have heard it, maybe you haven’t heard it before. But, employees don’t leave companies, employees leave bosses, supervisors, managers. They leave the people that they report to. So, what your goal is, is to make sure that during your interview you are looking for those red flags that I’m about to show you, so that you can decide if this is a person that you can actually report to.

The first sign, sign number one, is a late interviewer. So let’s say you arrive 15 minutes early, as I know you will, because you know the right thing to do, but the time for your interview has started and your interviewer is nowhere to be found. That is not a good sign, that is a red flag. But pay attention to what happens once the interview actually gets started. I mean, are they apologetic, or are they not apologetic? Are they rushing in and saying that they totally forgot, or did something important actually happen that threw them off? Or when they get in there, are you still seeing a whole lot of disorganization among them? Those are some red flags you should probably pay attention to, that you don’t want to really have anything to do with.

Now, sign number two, the interviewer has unapologetically bad behavior. And believe it or not there are a lot of interviewers that are like that out there, where they are dismissive, they are crass, they can cut you off as you’re answering questions. Maybe they’re just seeming uninterested in you. That’s a huge red flag that you should absolutely pay attention to, because if they’re willing to do that to someone that they don’t even know, because this is your first time meeting them, imagine what they’re going to do when you two are actually working together. Pay attention to that one.

Quick pause. I wanted to make sure that you caught one of my earlier videos, which is Signs of a Poor Manager. So check this video out when you get a chance. Click on that cart up there, and check out that video. So, it’s Signs of a Poor Manager to report to, and it’s eight character traits. So, maybe you’re reporting to someone like that right now, or maybe you’re trying to look out for someone like that in the future. Either way you don’t want to miss it, so check it out now.

Sign number three, your interview is asking you illegal questions. So it could be questions about your age, race, ethnicity, color, religion. It could be about your national origin of your birthplace, it could be about your sexual orientation. All of those questions are questions that nobody can ask you during an interview. And so if you’re getting questions like that during the interview, it’s not a good sign, because there’s no reason, no reason at all, that a hiring manager needs to know any of those things about you.

Hey, have you ever been asked an uncomfortable question during an interview? I want to know. Now, I don’t want to know if you’ve been asked an illegal question during an interview, but an uncomfortable question, put it below in the comments section. Let’s get a conversation started about some of the funniest, or some of the most uncomfortable questions that you’ve been asked during an interview.

So, sign number four, one red flag that you should pay attention to, is turnover. So, being able to find out or get insight that the position that you’re going into , this is the third or fourth time that they’ve filled this specific position, that’s a red flag. Or, if there’s a lot of turnover on the team, the people that report to this manager, that’s a red flag. So, being able to ask questions like, “So, what’s the average tenure? What’s the average amount of time people have worked in this department?” Ask questions like that. Or, being able to ask the question about why this current position is now still vacant, that can give you some insight on why people are leaving. Knowing why the position is open is a really, really important question.

Sign number five of a bad employer to work for. Sign number five is that they are way too eager to hire you. So, I mean this is the employer that will try to hire you on the spot and you haven’t really even answered any questions about how you’re qualified. You haven’t answered any questions related to your knowledge, your skills, or your abilities, yet they just need a warm body in this position. Or they want to skip you way through the process really, really quickly so that they can get somebody to work.

Now, sometimes they just need somebody to work in this position, and the interview is really good at asking the right questions, fewer questions, more impactful, and making a decision. They’re way more decisive. That’s okay. But it’s a rare occasion that that’s going to happen. Be very wary of people that are just trying to get warm bodies in positions.

As always, you know this is my favorite segment, it’s the career success bonus tip for UP’s. And for this tip I always say be very wary of when you go into an interview, and let’s say you’re doing an interview panel, and no one on the interview panel looks like you, which is fine, except one person. And that one person, who looks like you, because they’re part of your under represented population, that one person knows nothing about the role, they know nothing about the position or the department, they’re just kind of thrown over in there as a token.

I get it, and I understand that organizations are trying to show diversity, and are trying to bring more people to the table to do these interviews, but it at least needs to be a person that understands what they’re interviewing you for. Always be wary of things like that.

So, now that you know how to spot a bad employer, and some of the red flags that you should be looking for, how about this, let me also give you some questions, some additional questions that you can ask an employer. So, I have a downloadable PDF guide, it is completely free, look in the details section. And it’s 10 great questions that you can ask any employer. And being able to ask those questions can give you a lot of good insight, and some additional red flags that you should be looking for as well too.

Now, if this video was helpful, you know what I’m going to say, be sure to subscribe, be sure to click the bell so that you can get alerted when we put new videos out there every Tuesday. And I’m glad that you watched this video, I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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