How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From An Employer?



You have crossed off a lot of things on your checklist:

  • Apply for the job
  • Get invited for an interview
  • Complete the interview

You feel proud of yourself and ready to take on the world, only to have days, even weeks, pass without hearing a single word back from the employer you interviewed with.

Well my lovely job seekers, I am here to inform you that there are reasons for this delay and it doesn’t always relate back to you in a personal way.

I share a few reasons within this week’s video why there can be a delay from hearing back from an employer. You may be surprised to find out that sometimes there is a perfectly legit explanation that can possibly be out of their control.

When you live in a society of people pushing the idea of instant fame, instant millions, or even instant weight loss, it’s hard not to assume everything else should be done in a quick fashion. This type of thinking will only lead you to experience constant let down and frequent moments of giving up on your dreams and/or goals.

So sit back and make sure to take notes, because this video may just save you from drowning yourself in negativity.


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Hey Jobseekers, Jennifer Tardy here and you are tuning in to the #CareerSuccess channel for Ups. Today I will be helping you understand how long it usually takes for you to hear back from an employer after interviewing. It’s easy to jump to conclusions when you don’t hear back right away or when you think it’s enough time but after this video, you will understand why sometimes it can be a little more complex.

As always, I will be sharing with you guys my favorite segment which is the #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs. It’s going to be a good one so stick around to the end! You don’t want to miss it!

Have you ever just completed an interview and you feel like everything around you is moving in slow motion or you in a different time zone? Why would you feel like this?  Because you haven’t heard back from an employer yet and it’s driving you crazy! Take a deep breath and come take a video stroll with me to learn how long it may really take and why! Let’s Go!

Reason#1: Real Life Happens

  • Deadlines happen
  • Changes in the workplace can occur
  • Process could be moving slower than they anticipated

SIDENOTE: A delay in getting back with you after an interview is common. Don’t let that delay make you feel less than a good candidate. Especially when you know you knocked it out the box.

Want to know more about possibilities of why you haven’t heard back from anyone? Check out, “3 Reasons You Haven’t Heard Back on Your Interview.”

Reason #2:  Behind The Scene Affairs

  • A lot of approvals
  • Various documentations may be needed
  • Paperwork has not went through or more information is needed

Reason #3: Structure of Organization

  • Small and new organizations move faster
  • Larger, more established organizations move slower
  • Tech industries tend to move faster
  • Utilities industry, oil and railroad industries move slower

With all these various time frames among different industries, I know it can still be overwhelming waiting even knowing why. Watch a previous episode I filmed titled “Post Interview Anxiety (HOW TO DEAL WITH THE WAIT).” This video shares some tips on how to hang in there and not pull your hair out, stalk your email, or stare at the phone!

How many other interviews have you went on before you heard back from your initial interview? Comment below if you would like to share your experience!

As Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Tip: Yes, waiting on a response can be draining and stressful but never assume it has something to do with your character, your look, your beliefs, how you talk, etc. With this type of thinking, you are assuming there may be some prejudice taking place as to why they are making you wait. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons as to why the company haven’t gotten back to you. Never put yourself down or make false assumptions because that can often leave some resentment that will interfere with end goals.

As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now. I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! I’ll see you in the next video!

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