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Our mission is to create #CareerSuccess at the intersection of Recruiters and Job Seekers. Depth of recruiting expertise + depth of diversity education = a deeper level of coaching and training for our Diversity Recruiter Community.

A message from our founder, Jennifer Tardy…

“As a recruiting leader, I felt very frustrated by the lack of external resources (i.e., training courses) available for organizations seeking to increase workplace diversity. Many of the training solutions offered centered on becoming an expert Boolean string search code writer. That is not diversity recruitment. There’s more to it. I decided to create the solution I’d spent years searching for.” – Jennifer Tardy

At Jennifer Tardy Consulting, we have a unique and in-depth understanding of career needs at a micro level for people of color (e.g., Asian, Black and Latino), Women, Veterans, LGBTQ, millennials and people with disabilities. We listen to the experience of the job seekers that we coach and we translate this information into easy to understand trainings that Recruiters can implement to help in their diversity recruiting initiatives. We use our knowledge to provide depth in recruiting, diversity, and inclusion training to recruiters.

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid…to RECRUIT?

Insecurity prevents even the highest performing recruiters from entering conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. This impacts the degree to which recruiters successfully carry out diversity related recruiting initiatives in the workplace.

In this keynote presentation, Jennifer Tardy, Career Success Coach and Diversity Recruitment Trainer, challenges the audience with a very poignant and powerful question, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid to recruit?” She gets to the heart of the discussion and shares recruiters top fears, how companies can address them, and her 10 transformative, game-changing actions every recruitment department would take once these fears are addressed.

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