Episode 04: How to Get A Job With A Criminal Record


In this, episode we speak with Anthony Lowery about the impact of criminal records when seeking employment. As an individual with a criminal record, Anthony shares his own obstacles and provides strategies for navigating the barriers to become employed.  He is also a leader at the Safer Foundation, a community organization with a mission to support people with criminal records to become employed, law-abiding members of the community and as a result, reduce recidivism. For more information, visit www.saferfoundation.org.

If you want to watch this interview head over to our YouTube channel: CAREERSUCCESS

Episode Highlights:

  • [3:30] The impact of criminal records on current segments of population
  • [5:40] Why the barriers created by having criminal record is a civil rights issue
  • [9:40] What you need to do the first 90 days of retry
  • [11:50] Healthcare opportunities for job seekers with a record
  • [15:10] Why it is unlawful for companies to  have a blanket policy for job seekers with a criminal record
  • [27:30] Why you should prepare a letter of  explanation
  • [29:40] Sealing eligibility
  • [32:12] Who you should contact it you feel  like you have been discriminated against

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Episode 04: How to Get A Job With A Criminal Record

Title : How to Get A Job With A Criminal Record
Release Date : October 8, 2018
Catalog ref. : 4

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