Salary Negotiation After Offer (DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!)


You applied to the job, conquered the interview, and now you have received that sought after job offer.

Let’s say you are over the moon about how things have developed, except for one thing — the salary.

It’s in this space that you may find yourself wanting to negotiate for better pay, but are held back due to fear of having the offer retracted.

Well, I am here to assure you that there should be no fear when it comes to negotiating your pay after a job offer is on the table.

Honestly, this could be your last chance to getting the pay that you deserve. Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t get it.

This week’s video will help you gather the resources you need to have that conversation.

I will provide you with reasons behind my tips so that you may have a better understanding of why this works when applied in the right manner.

As always, I will finish up the video with my favorite segment, CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs.

Make sure you don’t miss out on some beneficial advice that supports the underrepresented population you associate with.

At the end of the day, I want what’s best for my viewers so watch the video all the way to the end in order to gain full access to the wealth of information I have for you . I want you to be negotiating your job offer salary with ease and confidence.

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Hey Jobseekers, Jennifer Tardy here and welcome to the #CareerSuccess channel for Ups. This week, I will be talking to you about negotiating your salary after receiving an offer.

This may feel scary, especially if you are thinking that it could  jeopardize your chances of the offer being taken away, but trust me, the information provided within this video will help you feel more comfortable with this task.  

Also, make sure to stick it out with me to the very end where I will be giving you my favorite advance of them all — the #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for Ups!! Stay tune! You don’t want to miss it!

For too long our salaries have been on PAUSE, and our finger has been on the button. And if you are watching this video, maybe you are looking for additional support to level up your salary.

If you want to work with me directly to learn how to “Press PLAY on your PAY,” visit to take our newest course in the Career Success University.

So now you have received your offer letter and you are wanting to know how to negotiate it? Well that is what today’s video is all about.

Tip #1

  • Go back to last week’s video to find out WHEN salary negotiation starts. It will help to set the tone for this video here. Remember that it starts before you receive the job offer. There is a series of planting seeds and picking up seeds that you must be aware of.

Tip #2:  

  • Do not just think in terms of negotiating your salary, think in terms of negotiating your offer. Maybe there’s no need or no room to get your salary increased, but are there other things in your offer that you can seek. What about additional vacation days, a signing bonus, a performance bonus, etc.?

Tip #3:  

  • If you are negotiating your salary, tell the employer that you’ve conducted market research and that according to the market, here is what your peers tend to make in the market to do this same work.

**Need more advice on how to become more market knowledgeable? Check out our previous episode “Getting The Pay You Deserve (Requires These Five Abilities)”

Quick Pause! Relating back to Tip #2, have you ever gained other benefits such as vacation days, health insurance, etc. during a negotiation when a salary increase was not an option? Let me know in the comment section below.   

Tip #4:

  • For other items that you are negotiating, outside of salary, speak in terms of making you “whole” again. It greatly aids the conversation and does not leave you feeling greedy. Think of vacation, for instance.
  • Let’s say you’ve earned 4 weeks of vacation at your current employer, but the new employer only provides a standard 2 weeks of vacation. In this instance, you would say, “I would not want to lose the 4 weeks of vacation that I’ve earned due to my loyalty at my current company, is there any way to match what I already have?”

Tip #5:  

  • Close the conversation by telling the employer that you would be willing to say yes to the offer TODAY if they were able to add these items to the offer


As Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs: At minimum, negotiate (at least) the items that are most important to you.

Do not try to ignore what is most important to you, thinking that they will go away. Our desires tend to have a way of coming right back up again easily. We tend to be so worried about what the employer will think about us and if this will make us an enemy before we even get started.

As a reminder, in order successfully negotiate your salary after receiving an offer, review last weeks video on WHEN salary negotiation starts, think of other items that you may want to negotiate outside of salary, share that you have researched the market and provide facts, speak on how negotiating items outside of salary will make you “whole,” and make sure to tell the employer that you will accept the offer on the spot if your negotiations were met.

No one knows how negotiations end but you must be willing to take that chance on getting what you deserve even when you have mastered the goal of obtaining the offer.

If you are watching this video, I’m thinking you may be interested in another free gift of ours. It is a free downloadable guide: 21 Pieces of Career Advice for Underrepresented Populations.

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As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now. I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! I’ll see you in the next video!


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