Okay, so you just had one interview that went exceptionally well. Only to go into your next one and have it be the complete opposite — garbage.

Yes job seeker, I know it may sound harsh but wouldn’t you rather hear it from me? I’m here to not just be honest with you, but to help you know what to do when that happens. Because it happens!

In this week’s video I will be discussing important signs to watch out for in order to know when your interview was a complete flop. I will share three of the most significant signs.

Sometimes these signs can be overlooked simply because you want to have the best experience possible. It’s not uncommon to refuse to accept any negative vibes, even if they are right in front of your face. You’re probably too busy being focused on putting your best foot forward, afterall!

I will also touch on how it’s possible for many of these signs to have a reason behind them. We all know that life happens and things are going to come up that are outside of our control.

Even if this is an interview you were really looking forward to. Even if this is an interview for one of your dream jobs. Knowing these signs stand to benefit you in ways you may not even realize. Knowledge is power, so look at these signs as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Pay close attention to these signs. They can help you the next time you have a garbage interview – even though I hope that doesn’t happen to you!


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Hey Jobseekers, Jennifer Tardy here and welcome to the #CareerSuccess channel for Ups. Last week I shared with you signs that your job interview went exceptionally well but this week we will be discussing the opposite. I will be going over the signs that your job interview was garbage. Yes, that is a harsh word to use but when there is good, the bad will definitely be somewhere near lingering around. But don’t worry; there could be reasons for all of this. The more signs you see, the better the indication.

Also, make sure to stick it out with me to the very end where I will be giving you my favorite advance of them all — the #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for Ups!! Stay tune! You don’t want to miss it!

So you just had an interview and you been having this bad feeling in your gut that things didn’t go too well. Well, this video will help you the next time you interview notice any signs that could signal a failing effort. Hopefully it won’t come to this, but all of your experiences will not be positive. Like they say, one must learn from their mistakes. Let’s get right into these signs so you will learn to pick up on any obvious clues.   

Sign #1: No Introduction Within The Company
•  The interview ended before any type of meet and greet was introduced
•  No other staff members names was brought up in conversation

Sign #2:  Lack of Interest
•  There is an disengagement from the interviewer
•  No warming facial expressions
•  Seems to constantly check the time or become distracted by fidgeting with papers, cell phone, etc.

When an interviewer seems to be going bad, your first instant is to think it’s all your fault. But maybe it could be the employer. Check out, “5 Signs of A Bad Employer (INTERVIEW RED FLAGS)”

Quick Pause! What other signs have you noticed during your interview that your interviewer may be disengaging themselves? Share with us below within the comment section.      

Sign #3: Constantly Asking Clarifying Questions
•  Seem to have a difficult time understanding what you are saying
•  Constantly confused

Sign #4:  Early End To Interview
•  When you had the impression it will last long but it ended way earlier than expected
•  Main questions was not asked
•  Seem to be in a rush
•  No opportunity for you to ask questions

Having a bad feeling after an interview and wondering if you will hear back or why it’s taking so long to hear back? Make sure to watch my previous video, “I Haven’t Heard Back After My Interview (WHY IS THAT?)” 

Have you ever fell victim to an early interview dismissal? If so, what steps did you take to try to understand what happened? Share with me below in the comment section.

As Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Tip: Keep your A-Game all the way throughout an interview. I’ve watched people crush an interview all the way up until the end and then they got too comfortable. I’ve watched people do a really great job with people who did not look like them and then let their hair down when they met someone who was of their same race – and did not get the job.  

Thanks for watching this video! Hope you got what you came for and more. As a reminder, signs that your interview was garbage is having no introduction with anyone within the company, lack of interest from the interviewer, constantly being asked clarifying questions, and having an early end to the interview. Everyone hates making mistakes or failing at something, but at least with these signs you will be able to strengthen your approach the next interview.

As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now. I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! I’ll see you in the next video!

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