Job Search Strategies (TOP 7 WAYS TO FIND A JOB YOU LOVE)

Job Search Strategies (TOP 7 WAYS TO FIND A JOB YOU LOVE)

Jennifer Tardy: In this video you’re going to learn the seven best job search strategies that my clients use to land their dream jobs. And yes, it is that simple. Now stick around until the very end because I’m going to share with you our Black Career Success bonus tip and you don’t want to miss that.

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Hey guys, it’s Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach. Now if you are struggling or even confused about where to start with your own job search then you found the right place. My coaching clients use these tools every time for their job search strategy and it has been a success. Let’s jump right in.

Step one, polish your LinkedIn profile. Now I don’t know if you’re aware of this but employers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting an account with LinkedIn so that their recruiters can find you there. Which means that those employers are going to make sure they get a return. Which means that they’re looking at your profile. And if they’re looking at your profile you want to make sure that your profile truly, truly stands out. And it can stand out by having a great photo, meaning a solid background, a smiling face, a head shot and you are in professional dress.

The second thing that makes a good profile is a strong headline. Don’t just reiterate your job title. Use something that really describes who you are. Add in a competency. Add it something related to leadership about you. And sometimes people even go in and add in something personal about their selves as long as it’s quasi personal professional. Just make sure that your headline just like a newspaper headline, really stands out.

Also, make sure that you have your updated education in there and any honorable mentions you got while you were getting your education. Make sure also that you have updated your experience section especially your current experience. That’s really important. So don’t just add in your previous job titles. Also add in what you did but if you want to take it even further add in what you accomplished while you were working on those jobs. Got it?

Hey guys, a quick aside while we’re talking about step number one, in your LinkedIn profile there is a career preferences page. So when you go in to update your profile or to edit your profile, there is a whole page that’s asking you about how you want to let recruiters know your availability. So if you want recruiters to be able to contact you, make sure that you update that. Let recruiters know what type of job you’re looking for. Let them know what area or what geographic preference you may have. Let them even know how soon you’re available to start. All of those things that you can use to update your career preferences page is truly going to help to maximize your chances of somebody reaching out to you for a job opportunity. So do not take that lightly. Go do it now.

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