Jennifer Tardy: Hey, job seekers. Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach and we are back continuing our video series on job interview questions and answers. We’ve already answered so many questions for you already. This is the last question in our video series. But it’s okay, because we’ve saved the best for last.

So, we’ve already questions such as, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what made you decide to apply to this job, where do you see yourself in five years, why did you leave your last employer, and tell me about yourself. So, we’ve already answered a lot of questions for you. And, in this episode, we’re going to answer the question, why should we hire you? Yes, a very tough question. But, of course, I have a good answer for you.

So, stick around and make sure you stay tuned for my fac section, the career success bonus tip for underrepresented populations, or Ups. You don’t wanna miss that. Let’s get it started.

You know what I’m gonna say, because I said it in the last several videos. So, it does not matter how qualified you are. It doesn’t matter how many skills you have, or how you meet all of the qualifications for the position. If you are unable to articulate your skillset, and if you are unable to at least interview well, then you’re not gonna be the most competitive candidate for the position. And, if you are not the most competitive then odds are you may not get that actual job offer, and we want you to get the job offer. So, listen in because I’m gonna show you how to answer the question, why should we hire you?

So, why does an interviewer ask this question? The employer wants to know what value you believe you’re bringing to the table. Now, they can ask you a bunch of interview questions, and they can infer the value, but why not just come out and ask you straight up the value that you believe that you’re bringing to the table? That’s why they ask you this question. So, now, let’s talk about how to not, and I mean not answer this question.

First, don’t say, “I don’t know.” When someone asks why should they hire you, don’t say, “I don’t know.” And also, don’t say, “Because I have a great personality.” Millions of people have great personalities, and it’s great that you have a great personality but they need more. In order for you to be competitive the interviewer needs to hear more. Don’t say, “Because I need this job. Please hire me.” Don’t say that, because now you’re begging them for a job as opposed to telling them why you’re the best candidate. And don’t say, “Because I’m the best fit for the job,” without giving examples of why you’re the best fit for the job. It’s almost like saying, “Well, why should you hire me? Well, you should hire me because you should hire me.” That doesn’t even answer the question. You shouldn’t hire me because I’m the best fit, why are you the best fit? So, there’s some things that you should not say at all. Got it?

So, here’s how you should answer this question. In order to answer this question you need to

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