What Are Your Strengths (Job Interview Questions & Answers)


Have an upcoming interview and need career advice or interview tips? Wanting sample job interview questions and answers? Maybe you need to know how to answer the question, “What are your strengths?”

If any of these are you, then you are in the right place. This week continues our 8-week series for common interview questions and answers. We are even covering the tough interview questions and answers.

This first question is part of the classic group of  interview questions and answers.

Hiring managers may ask you this question 1:1 or it could be a part of panel interview.

Part of your interview preparation should be preparing how to answer this question. The details that I provide within this week’s video will help you with you do just that.

I will discuss both how not to answer this question and ways to successfully answer it.

It may seem like a simple question to answer but trust me, you can easily mess it up just by using the incorrect wording or phrases.

Remember to check this off of your interview preparation checklist.

Keeping up with the interview preparation checklist will help keep you on track and focused.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Career Success channel because we will be offering 25 common interview questions and top-notch answers in our free guide.



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Inspirational Quote

Hey job seekers, Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach, and today we’re talking all about job interview questions and answers. With today’s question being, what are your strengths? I cannot wait to answer this question for you. Don’t forget that if you are tuning in, to stick all the way around to the very end where I share with you my favorite segment, which is the career success bonus tip for underrepresented populations or Ups. So stick around, you don’t want to miss this one.

So, I am going to tell you the same thing that I have shared with you before, and I share with all of my clients, it does not matter how qualified you are for a job, once you’re interviewing, if you’re unable to interview well or at minimum, express or articulate your knowledge skills or abilities, then you will not be as competitive as a person who could. And you ultimately may not get the job.

So be sure to check out the answers to not just this question, but to the other questions in the other videos that we’re presenting in this series. Okay? So let’s get started. What are your strengths? Why would a hiring manager ask you that question? Simple. It’s because, it’s easier to ask you straight out, what the answer is to that question, than try to infer the answer from any other questions that they ask you, and the answers that you give to them.

So it’s the same thing as what are your weaknesses? It’s so much easier just to ask you straight out, than to try, and pick it up in other questions. So how do you not answer that question? First, you don’t say, well, I don’t really have any strengths. Nobody says that, and, you also do not go to the other end of the extreme and say, well, I have so many strengths that I can’t choose one. So don’t go to either extreme when answering that question.

Now, have you had this experience before in answering this question about what are your strengths? How have you answered that question in the past? I want to know, put it in the comments section below so we can get a conversation started. Okay? Okay. So then how do you answer this question in the right way? I always, always, always recommend that when you answer this question, what is your strength, that you answer it with a strength that is valuable for the position to which you’re applying. Okay?

So you may have many strengths, but only pick the one or two strengths, that will make you even that much more successful to that hiring manager or in that position in particular. So as always, my favorite segment, career success tips for UPs or underrepresented populations. I want to share with you, never be afraid or intimidated to share a strength based on diversity.

So based on what makes you different, if it’s a strength that can be value added to that position, go ahead and share it with them. For instance, what if the population that this department is serving their customers, what if they all look just like you? What if they’re all women? What if they’re all black women? What if they’re all black women who were mothers and that happens to be you as well.

It is completely okay for you to say, that the clients that we serve, identify very, very well to them, so I can bring an unique perspective to the table about what they may be thinking or experiencing because I happen to be that same type of person. It’s completely okay to use your diversity, what makes you different as a strength to get an employment. So now I also want to share with you how I would answer that question.

My strength is that I am and I’m always been a very strong leader. And I’m able to bring diverse groups of people together to help them to work very effectively. So do you see how I answered that question? Its it’s something that will help the employer, is a strength of mine, but it will help me in that position. So if I’m applying to a leadership position, it is really good that I’m able to bring people together, specifically diverse groups of people, and that I am personally, professionally a strong leader.

Now, if you liked what you heard in this video, be sure to check out all of our other questions. I’ve listed 25 of the most common interview questions and top-notch answers that you can easily access, read, and help you to prepare for your upcoming interview. Check it out in the detail section below. It’s for you and you will love it.

So I hope that now you know how to answer the question, so tell me about your strengths. And you can go and you can knock their socks off at your next interview. If you like this video, be sure to subscribe to the channel, and be sure to like the video as well. So as always, we’ll be back soon. I’m Jennifer Tardy, your career success coach. I’ll catch you later. Take care.

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