What Categories Should Be Included On A Resume (AND WHY)


Writing a resume may seem fairly straightforward, but in reality iit can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Just the thought of trying to put your life history and experiences in concise, bulleted form that fits neatly on one to two pages can cause many people stress.

Well Jobseekers, don’t you worry because this week I will be sharing with you all five categories that should be included on your resume.

I discuss why each of these categories is a must and what you need to include in each section.

This video will help you pinpoint what’s important and how to place it within your resume in a way that will draw the attention of the recruiter, interviewer, hiring manager, etc.

Make sure to catch my favorite segment towards the end of the video which is the CareerSuccess Tip for UPs.

This segment will always give you a little extra motivation and inspiration. I don’t want you to never feel afraid and I want you to be proud of your background. It’s important for you to use all your resources to your advantage – no matter what.

At the end of this video, I hope you are able to understand the importance of effectively setting up your resume.

Make sure to return for more resume tips and advice in the upcoming weeks.



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Inspirational Quote

Hey Jobseekers, I’m Jennifer Tardy, Your Career Success Coach and welcome back to our CareerSuccess Channel for UPs.

Today’s video will focus on what categories should be included in your resume. You can actually pick up bits of my CHHEEA method if you pay attention closely.

Make sure you stick around to the end because you don’t want to miss my favorite segment, #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs.

Okay, are you ready to get started? Let’s go!   

This is almost like a PART II to last week’s video where I showed you how to organize your resume in the video called: What is the best resume format (3 Tips)

If you are watching this video odds are, you are interested in getting YOUR resume in tip top shape. If I am correct, I invite you to work with me to get this work done. I can show you how to create a Recruiter MAGENT Resume.

Learn more at JenniferTardy.com/resume          

Okay, there are five must have categories that make an AWESOME resume. Or my CHHEEA method)          

Category #1: Contact Information (C – Contact)

The first section of your resume should be your contact information. No brainer, right? But some people stumble on what should be included in the contact information.

Yes, include your first and last name. Your Address, Your phone number, and your email address.

People often ask me if they should add their social media handles and/or website. I do not recommend it. It just opens the door for an employer to accidentally learn something about you that you would have preferred to keep private. If you do decide to add a social media handle, LinkedIn is okay.          

Category #2: Headline (H – Headline)

Too often, job seekers are still adding in an objective in their resume. Remove it. Employers KNOW your objective. It is to find a new job.

Instead of a headline, use this prime resume real estate for something better. A Headline.

Think about a headline of your resume the same way you would think about the headline for a newspaper. Your headline should MAKE a recruiter truly want to read further.

Your headline should include your total years of experience, your industry experience, your subject matter expertise, and any other knowledge and experience that makes you super competitive.

Think of your headline as the elevator pitch for your experience. Simple as that!  

Quick Question:

Give us your best headline. What elevator speech would YOU use to describe who you are on your resume?           Leave a comment below

Category #3: Highlights of Qualifications (H – Highlights of Qualifications)

The next section should have bullet points that highlight your true qualifications. This doesn’t just include your qualifications for a role, but what about your qualifications for a department, what about your industry qualifications.

For example, I have skills that make me great as a recruiter, I have skills that make me great in HR, and I have skills that make me great in the energy industry. This is where I would add those bullet points. Get it.

Category #4: Education (E – Education)

People often think that you should move your “education” to the bottom of a resume. I do not agree. It is part of your overall narrative. You spent a lot of time earning degrees. Why would you want to save it for the last portion of your resume?

Move it below your highlights of qualifications. Spend the time to let an employer know that you have the knowledge and that you’ve invested in yourself.

Category #5: Experience (E – Experience)

This section can be the last section of your resume. By the time an employer reaches this section, it should only be a reiteration of what you’ve shared in the first half of your resume.

In the first half of your resume, you should have already sold yourself to an employer. It is like stating a fact, and then using the next section to share the research or evidence.    

Now, as Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Tip for UPs: Let’s go back up to the section on contact information. If you feel that you will be overlooked because of your name, here are some tips for you.

You can use your middle name, or you can use an initial for your first name and then use your last name. That is also acceptable as well. You do not have to do either. But take a moment to check out the video Joe versus Jose when you get an opportunity. There are companies, unfortunately, who still look at your name to determine whether or not they want to move forward with you.

As a matter of fact, this topic is so important that one of the bonuses of taking Recruiter MAGNET Resume course is that you will receive a free guide that shows you 10 ways recruiters identify you based on your resume.    


Hey guess what guys, this one video has taught you almost all of my CHHEEA Method for resume creation. C – Contact, H – Headline, H – Highlights of Qualifications, E – Education and E – Experience.

The “A” is NOT a part of the format, but a part of what makes your resume POP.

I can’t give it all away on the first date. So if you want to rock with me and learn everything there is to know about creating a Recruiter MAGNET Resume, then you need to take my course! JenniferTardy.com/Resume to learn more.

Next week’s video is all about how to build a STRONG resume! Check back for that one.

C.H.H.E.E.A. Method

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As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now. I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! I’ll see you in the next video.            


Jennifer Tardy, Your Career Success Coach

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