When Does Salary Negotiation Start? (NOT WHEN YOU THINK!)


Do you want to negotiate your salary, but don’t know when to start the process?

Well, in this week’s video, I will discuss how you can negotiate your salary at the right moment.

There will be five opportunities shared that will shed light on the many different ways you can get started on securing the salary you deserve.

Make sure to pay attention to all of the opportunities because they are all unique and they may differ from what you normally view as go-to salary negotiation tactics.

That’s what makes this episode so special. Sometimes you need to step outside of the traditional ways of doing things in order to be successful & to get the job done efficiently.

As always, stick around to the very end if you want to get another dose of my favorite segment, CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs. This is where I drop some gems on how to get ahead regardless of what population you represent.

After watching this informative video, I hope you are inspired to start your salary negotiation planning.

Don’t forget, if you decide to wait on the “perfect” moment, then you are already missing out on great opportunities. Have the conversation & then celebrate!

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Hello Jobseekers, I’m Jennifer Tardy, your career success coach, and you are tuning in to the #CareerSuccess channel for UPs.

Today I will be discussing five opportunities that most people miss when trying to negotiate their salary. A few of these opportunities will surprise you because they are not often mentioned so be prepared to learn some informative details.

Sit tight and don’t go anywhere because at the end of the video I will be sharing my favorite segment which is the #CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs. You won’t regret sticking around with me! See you on the other side!  

For too long our salaries have been on PAUSE, and our finger has been on the button. If you saw last week’s video, you heard me mention this! If you are watching this video, odds are, you may be searching for help to get the salary you deserve.

If you want to work with me directly to learn how to “Press Play on your Pay,” visit JenniferTardy.com/salary to take our newest course in the Career Success University.

Here is a tip that I never want you to forget: If you wait until you receive your offer letter to begin planting and picking up the seeds necessary for salary negotiation, you are already missing several great opportunities!

This video will teach you all you need to know about when to start your salary negotiation.

There are five opportunities! Let’s get into them now!

First Opportunity: On The Application

  • When you are asked about salary on your application, how are you answering? Employers may ask you, “what is your current salary,” “what is your desired salary,” or maybe they opt out of asking the question all together. If you are asked this question, be sure to be intentional in your answer.
  • As a personal rule, unless that question is required, I usually do not answer. If it is required, make sure you have already done your research and you know the salary you are targeting.
  • That is the number that should go here. Most people miss this opportunity because they’ve not done their research and they have not taken the time to think about the pay they deserve.          

Second Opportunity: During the Pre-Screen

  • Many hiring processes have an initial interview. It is usually an informal interview, typically conducted by a recruiter, and typically only about 30 minutes, if not less. It is an interview where they want to be sure that you are who your resume says you are on paper.
  • Another typical goal for them to find out what you currently make or what you desire to make. Their job is to screen out candidates who are outside of their budget for the position. If you have done your research, you will already have a solid idea of what the market pays for the position and you will be better able to make sure that you are already within it and what wiggle room there will be in the position.         

Third Opportunity: During the Interview Process

  • This is where you should be picking up seeds that will help you to better negotiate after you receive an offer. It is during this time that you can ask more questions to learn about what this job will truly demand of you  (in ways not listed within the job description). This is important. It may cause you to want to readjust the salary that you initially had in mind for the role. This is acceptable (especially now that you know more).
  • Keep in mind that this is a great benefit to asking questions during your interview.

Are you interviewing now?

**Facing your interviewer is already a daunting task let alone adding on the pressure of trying to negotiate your salary. I have a previous video “How To Be Confident During An Interview (Even When Nervous)” that can help you feel more at ease to make sure you get your point across.  

Quick Pause! Most people wonder, “am I asking for too much” in my salary negotiation. Tell me below what you are asking for! Let’s start a conversation. I can give you my take.     Leave a comment

Fourth Opportunity:  During the Pre-Close

  • This conversation doesn’t happen that often, so it would not surprise me if you did not have this happen to you. But a pre-close is when a recruiter calls you to ask you (after your final interview), what you would be looking for in an offer. Their goal is to ensure that they have all of the information (about what you desire) before creating an offer for you.
  • They will ask you point blank, “If an offer were presented to you, what would it need to look like in order for you to accept it?” Now, here is where you think about what you’ve heard during your interview process and you come up with what it would now take for you to accept this offer.          

Fifth Opportunity: When You Receive an Offer

  • Now, here is when you finally get to have a direct conversation with them employer. This is when they actually come to you with an offer. If there WAS a pre-close conversation, odds are, you may not need to negotiate. If there wasn’t, be prepared to negotiate.

Thinking you are going to get an offer, check out this video. How to know if your interview went exceptionally well?          

As Promised, I wanted to share with you a career success tip!

CareerSuccess Bonus Tip for UPs: Oftentimes we do NOT negotiate our offers and when we do, we tend to miss opportunities 1-4 and skip right down to the fifth opportunity which puts us at a disadvantage at that point. This affects historically underrepresented populations quite often. Do not skip the earlier steps as it will help you to get ahead.

Next week’s video will teach you exactly HOW to negotiate a salary once you reach this opportunity. Be sure to check it out.    

Thanks for watching this video! Hope you enjoyed the content shared with you today!

As a reminder, do NOT miss the opportunities to set the tone on your offer negotiation: on the application, during the pre-screening process, during the interviewing process, during the pre-close, and finally when you receive an offer. Don’t forget that with this information, it still will not benefit you if you don’t do your research first.        


If you are watching this video, I’m thinking you may be interested in another free gift of ours. It is a free downloadable guide: 21 Pieces of Career Advice for Underrepresented Populations.

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As always, for us to be #underrepresented no more, we must Learn, Engage, Apply, Repeat, Now.

I’m Jennifer Tardy your CareerSuccess coach! I’ll see you in the next video!           


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