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Life is too short. Learn how to become an “Offer Magnet” in LESS time… with LESS stress… and get MORE opportunities!

What you'll gain...

No longer will you accept the first job offer that you get because you feel like you have no choice.  You’ll learn how to present yourself as the asset that you are so that you can join a team that you believe in and do work that has real meaning for you.

Never again will you get up every day to show up for a job that doesn’t offer you value and purpose.  You’ll learn techniques to help you identify and obtain offers for careers that are fulfilling because you love what you do, and your employer believes in you.

You’ll begin living your true value story!  Through this course you will learn to ask for and receive what you know you deserve, and you’ll gain the ability to choose your career path instead of feeling forced and stuck in the choices you make.

Are you ready for meaning, fulfillment, and success in your career?

The Challenge of Finding a New Job

Right now, you are facing one HUGE puzzle:

How to get a better job.

Seems simple, right?

But the reality is … it’s not. In fact, it’s eluding thousands of job seekers right now. And, here’s why I’m writing you today…

Too many are missing the answer.

If I can solve this problem for you, you’ll have an “unfair advantage” when it comes to attracting quality job offers. You’ll also know how to position yourself as someone to be placed on “the short list” – if not THE candidate the organization wants.

In just a few minutes, I’m going to share with you my method…

You see, the “key” to finding a new job is having a strategy.

It’s knowing how to showcase your accomplishments and strengths in such a way that you catch attention – which will lead to open doors and worthy job offers.

The “key” to the puzzle lies in a relatively little-known but lucrative strategy that complements and magnifies the job searching skills you already have.

And it’s hands-down the fastest way I know to (at the very minimum) attract high-quality job offers … and have you advance beyond the other potential new hires.

Plus, the up-front investment — in time, effort, and money — is very, very low. It only takes four weeks to learn, but the rewards you’ll reap are enormous.

Once you know these “insider hiring secrets,” you’ll be able to solve your puzzle …

The puzzle of becoming an “Offer Magnet” and find the perfect job for you.

Let me explain …

The Great Big Job Seeker Puzzle You Are Constantly Trying to Solve

Okay. Your #1 goal is to leave your current position and find a better job, right? Or perhaps to stay with your current employer but find a better position.

Tell me if you’re already doing this:

  • Applying to opening after opening, which may make you feel productive but it’s not really leading anywhere
  • Calling an organization to reach a key person who you think could influence your search (but never getting to talk to him or her)
  • Trying to make your resume stand out so you at least get an opportunity to be interviewed (but so far, you’ve sent out dozens and still have yet to get a call)

This is what’s known as a great way for a job-seeker to burn out.

The best way to avoid this is to have a plan.

You’re already very familiar with a way to create this plan, whether you realize it or not.

Whatever job you currently have, I bet you have systems in place to accomplish certain tasks.

You may have the support that helps you stay on track, with a positive mindset. Or an online portal that helps you complete projects with clear milestones identified.

The point is, you already have some tools that can help you find your next great career opportunity. You just need someone to help you sharpen those tools.

But here’s the thing …

It’s Tough To Reach A Destination Without A Map...

I’ve seen job seekers spin their wheels. It’s painful to watch.

These are great candidates but they simply don’t realize they’re living that famous quote about insanity…

 “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

So many job-seekers keep making the same mistakes…

Keep doing the same unproductive tasks…

And then get frustrated when they don’t get the results they want.

By taking it just one step further, and getting the “map” that you need to give you a shortcut toward getting the job offer you deserve… you can finally achieve your dreams.

Having the right experience is extremely important — recruiters are looking for candidates who are smart, resourceful, and hard-working — yet, as you probably already know, it’s only one piece of attracting a desirable job offer.

Most job seekers have to do a lot of planning and “figuring out the pieces of the puzzle” in order to come up with a successful strategy. It takes a LOT of time.

Not to mention trying to figure out how to make yourself stand out from everyone else competing for that same opportunity.

How would you like to be handed an “Insider’s Map” that will help determine exactly the steps you need to take to stack the deck in your favor when it comes to getting job offers?

Dear Job Seeker,

Jennifer Tardy here.

I’m “Your Career Success Coach” and owner of Jennifer Tardy, LLC which is a diversity and inclusion consulting organization in Maryland.

You may know me from my well-received YouTube channel, Career Success, filled with videos on how to job seekers (who are members of historically underrepresented populations) can land outstanding jobs.

I’ve worked in the field of human resources, earning my place as a recruiting thought leader, diversity practitioner, and career success coach.

And for 14+ years, I’ve sat on the other side of the desk during interviews, watching and listening.

I’ve seen it all…

The nervousness that often trips up even a highly qualified candidate…

The overly-confident candidate who ends up coming across as arrogant or at the very least, a pain to deal with…

And the downright petrified as they faced me, trying to explain why I should hire them.

Having coached thousands of job seekers over the span of my career, I decided to merge my passion for helping job seekers live their highest career potential with my diversity recruitment expertise. My intention is to connect people to opportunities to be their best and highest self.

If anyone knows how it feels to face a seemingly endless parade of job candidates — with the pressure to constantly deliver the best to an organization’s team— I sure do.

For Those Ready to Make Their “Great Escape”... Introducing “The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course”

If you hate your current job, or feel as though your current employer is trying to get you to quit, then the following is going to be the most important message you’ll read today.

You see, you DON’T need to hire a public relations pro to get a great job (or use social media to constantly sing your praises). There are proven formulas for getting your expertise in front of hiring managers so they at least say, “Let’s schedule an interview.”

All you need is to know the right thing to do at the right time.

Become an “Offer Magnet” in just 4 weeks with my exclusive at-home training, and you’ll be positioned to …

  • Think (about who you are, about your worth, and about the outcome of your job search) – getting you to a positive mindset.
  • Identify your narrative (we’ll help you describe what to tell the employer about who you are and your previous career experience ‒ whether it is in your resume or during an interview)
  • Design your strategy (use what has worked for others in your job search and your networking)
  • Nail your interview (we teach you how to prep for your interview and develop persuasion techniques)
  • Negotiate like a pro (determine what you want within an offer package and how to articulate that to the employer)
  • Make a smooth exit – transition (we teach you how to leave one job or employer and transition successfully into the next without burning bridges)

Read on to find out exactly what you can do NOW … and how you can start using a former HR Head of Recruitment’s formula to start landing new interviews and job opportunities.

With The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course, You’ll Get In-Depth Training, Detailed Step-By-Step Blueprints, Templates, and More!

The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course is a four-week program that includes four training modules (released one per week) and four live classes to discuss the module.

Just imagine… getting your “unfair advantage” in the job market in just four weeks!

But it’s not because these modules are “fluffy”…

It’s because of my ability to make a process like this approachable, exciting, and simple to learn.

In fact, this program is chock-full of “meat” that will equip you to face the job market with confidence, knowing you are now prepared to meet any challenges that come your way!

There are plenty of career coaches around — but it’s the rare few that can really teach (and have as many years of HR experience as I do).

I don’t want to “humble-brag,” but I know what I offer… and I’m going to show you in thorough, exacting detail how to build a rock-solid job search strategy that will indeed make you an “Offer Magnet” …

All from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You’ll get the same in-depth training others have paid thousands to receive from me at past Job Seeker Intensives…

Along with the step-by-step walkthroughs, templates, and blueprints that I’ve given during live training seminars …

All for a mere fraction of the original price.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, let me show you exactly what you’re going to learn…

Module One: Creating An Impressive, Top-Notch Resume

In Module One of your training, I’m going to reveal my exact, step-by-step process for developing and optimizing a resume for any organization… in any niche … for any audience.

You’re going to learn the foundation of resume-writing that gets noticed … and the three pieces the most effective resumes MUST have in order to succeed, including:

  • How recruiters review and use resumes during the hiring process
  • How to build your own Master Vault Resume Bank by integrating your previous knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • How to formulate a top-notch resume from scratch using my CHHEEA Blueprint

You’re going to learn important aspects of creating a resume that so many other job seekers miss. Such as:

  • Knowing what to include for your contact list (and what to leave out)
  • Think you don’t need a resume header? Think again! I’ll show you exactly how to create one that will put your resume in the “short pile”
  • What “highlights of qualifications” are and how to write them
  • The best practices for capturing your education in your resume
  • How to best showcase your experience

And more!

Your resume can be a powerful ally for opening doors. I’ll teach you what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers look for so you can rise to the top!

During Module One of your training, you’ll start to get the feel for the power you’ll have as a quality job-seeker…

The power to, quite literally, change everything for you.

I’ll help you get “unstuck” … grow to the next level … and feel confident no matter WHAT your targeted industry may be.

And once you have the resume-building framework built, you could just stop there.

You’d definitely be ahead of the pack when it comes to having a resume that will turn heads…

And, you’d probably have some requests for interviews.

But why stop there?

Let’s move right on to Module Two …

Get started now!

Module Two: Top Job Search Strategies and Techniques

If you’ve ever undertaken a job search that ends up lasting a lot longer than you thought it would take…

You know the battle well.

You feel tired… anxious… worried. Afraid no one will ever see your potential.

It’s like riding a non-stop roller-coaster!

One day you think you might have a shot at an incredible job, the next day you “crash and burn” as you realize once again that the company hired someone else.

Let’s take a deep breath…

During Module Two, I’m going to show you how to re-claim your sanity (and your strength).

You’re going to discover:

  • How to set a positive intention behind your career search
  • The keys to determining what types of jobs to apply to and how many you should apply to (using my own 3.3.4 ELS model)
  • How to find targeted job boards, websites, and professional organizations with job openings that fit your skill set (SUCH a time-saver)
  • How (and where) to find job postings that are targeted to underrepresented populations

I realize this part of a job search can be challenging.

So during this Module, we’re going to design strategies that make things easier for you. And… even a little fun!

During Module Two, you’re going to learn …

  • Why LinkedIn can be your best friend who will look out for you – (and Indeed Prime, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Monster)
  • Talent Networks – what they are and how to use them
  • The secret to navigating “The Company Website”
  • Where you should be networking … and how to leverage the connections you get
  • The strategy that guarantees better outcomes from professional organization memberships
  • The best way to deal with search agencies
  • Plus, answers to commonly asked questions like, “How many times per week should I contact a recruiter?” “Should everyone receive the exact resume?” “Should they even receive the same amount of follow-up emails?” (I will tell you EXACTLY how many!)
  • And, the same detailed checklists … in-depth explanations of each module … and MUCH more!

But we’re not done, yet…

Next is THE critical “next step” in your job search: nailing the interview.

Get started now!

Module Three: Best Practices For “Interview Technique Mastery”

Listen, I know how nerve-wracking an interview can be.

You feel like you’re in the spotlight… all eyes are on you… and you feel that pressure to perform.

Even though you might have practiced, there are still times when suddenly your mind just goes blank.

You then try to “wing it” but later you feel stupid because you just know the recruiter was wondering how you got past the reception area.

If you’ve ever felt like that, then you are going to LOVE this module!

I’m going to help you feel much more confident when you get the interview and walk into that room with your interviewer.

By the end of the module, you’ll understand that it isn’t an interrogation.

In fact, you’ll feel re-assured and fearless, knowing what to look for in an organization that will let you know if THEY are a good fit for YOU!

Because after all… interviews are a two-way street.

The company is interviewing you… but you also are interviewing them.

Is this the type of organization you want to represent? With my techniques, you’re going to quickly find out.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The PEP Rally Interview Method for success and how to apply it effectively for your opportunity
  • The most common interview errors to look out for and how to use them to your advantage
  • “Excuse Me?” – Identify illegal interview questions and answers and know how to address them

I’ll also explain what you can do to alleviate post-interview anxiety. You’ll know which steps to take after an interview to further give you an advantage.

You’ll also learn:

  • Interviewing 101: Foundations for interviewing success
  • How common interviewer mistakes can work in your favor
  • The deadly distractions that will quickly eliminate you (and what to do instead)

The interview is the key area that will allow both you and an organization to determine if you’re the right fit.

With my closely guarded tips… you’re going to ace that interview!

But wait… there’s just one more part of this course that usually trips up a LOT of candidates.

And if you want to really feel like you’re the captain of your own ship, then you’re going to want what’s next…

Get started now!

Module Four: Salary Negotiation Techniques

If the discussion of an open position leads to talking about the salary…

Don’t panic!

This is the area that often will trip up even the most confident candidate.

But if you take The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course… you’re going to sail right through this crucial phase!

During this module, you’re going to:

  • Understand the reasons that prevent us from negotiating our salary naturally
  • Know why negotiating your salary is so important
  • Learn how to determine your “market worth” using the salary calendar worksheet
  • Discover the additional elements that can also be negotiated as a part of your total compensation

Negotiation can definitely be tricky.

You don’t want to ask for too little… but you also don’t want to ask for too much.

I’ll help you by identifying the “potholes” that others stumble in and keep them from getting the best compensation package.

You’ll learn:

  • Key salary negotiation basics (they don’t teach this in school… but they should!)
  • What you should know about salary negotiation (what to say during this time and what NOT to say)
  • Salary tools that will help define your range
  • What to negotiate in addition to your salary

And more!

Once you learn the “insider secrets” of negotiation, you’ll never feel unsure of yourself again.

You’ll be able to not only walk into any job interview with confidence… but also know how to overall negotiate other decisions like getting a new car or a home mortgage!

Negotiation is KEY and sharpening this skill will get you what you want faster and with less stress. What’s not to love?!

If you’re passionate about finding a better job, The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course will only fuel the flame.

You’ll get more opportunities and more outstanding job offers— because you’ll have a better strategy than anyone else.

So now you may be wondering… where do I sign up? And what’s the cost?

But wait… I’m not finished just yet.

Because I have some spectacular BONUSES for you!

Get started now!

Get These 4 BONUSES When You Take Action Before The October 31st Deadline!

Bonus #1: Access to our “Slay Your LinkedIn Profile” Training (Value: $2,800)

As a consultant for LinkedIn, I have an insider’s understanding of best practice methods to enhance your LinkedIn profile. On this one-time webinar, I will walk you through the exact steps to enhance your LinkedIn profile, drastically increasing the chances that your profile will get noticed by a recruiter.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How LinkedIn Works: Your LinkedIn Profile is important. We’ll review your current profile through the lens of a recruiter (TEST), update your Career Preferences, and manage your LinkedIn notifications and alerts.
  • The secret to an eye-catching profile photo: Learn the 5 Rules for Creating a “Double Take” Headshot Photo
  • Writing a memorable headline: I will share my “Secret K.O.D. Method” for generating a High Impact LinkedIn Headline
  • Crafting a LinkedIn Summary: Story-telling is what gets noticed: I will help you “story-tell” your way Into a KYSO (‘knock your socks off’) LinkedIn Summary
  • Leverage your experience (volunteer and paid) and education ‒ written in a way that protects the narrative you want recruiters to know about you
  • How to get social proof of your expertise through the skills and endorsements section
  • Soliciting recommendations
  • Share accomplishments through certifications and publications

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But it’s just the beginning…

Get started now!

Bonus #2: How to Change Your Reputation (Value: $1,400)

Like the job you have but just want a new position in the organization (or a promotion)? Want to be known as something different than what your current reputation might be?

You’ll love this bonus!

In this training, we will teach you every step you will need in order to turn around a negative reputation.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Signs that you have a negative reputation in the office
  • The only person you will need to talk to in order to determine your workplace perception
  • How to maintain the right partnerships that will guarantee that the right people are talking about you (in the right way)
  • Maintaining on-going updates that will ensure the right people know you are making the necessary changes that will make position you perfectly for the next opportunity

This bonus could be what turns EVERYTHING around for you! Create your own dream job… right where you are!

Get started now!

Bonus #3: How to Get a Promotion (Value: $2,100)

Wonder how to scale that ladder?

If it seems as though others know a secret you don’t… you’re right. They knew how to position themselves right so their managers saw their potential and promoted them.

In this bonus webinar, I teach you the exact steps to take in order to set yourself up to be seen as ready (and the stellar choice) for a promotion whether the position is posted or not.

Get started now!

Bonus #4: Final Resume Critique (Value: $900)

You have your resume ready… but is it really ready?

No worries! With this bonus, you’re going to have access to my thorough HR expertise.

I will do a final review of your resume checking for grammatical errors, sentence structure, and formatting.

I will also give you feedback about areas that need to be tightened up (and what to delete).

After this critique, you’ll know that your resume is truly ready for “Prime Time!”

Are those bonuses great, or what?!!

Listen, I will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

That’s $7,200 worth of bonuses!

And ALL of them are included with The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course.”

You’ll learn how to justify an organization’s investment in you, enjoy a flood of new connections and offers… possibly just weeks after you finish your training.

Speaking of investments …

Get started now!

Your Investment Today…

I mentioned that becoming an “Offer Magnet” is something I think every job seeker should be able to do.

It is a truly priceless skill.

Once you take the course to learn it, this is a skill you’ll always have … and always be able to use to your benefit.

Being an “Offer Magnet” gives you access to opportunities you may have never thought to approach…

It even brings value to your existing employer…

And it allows you to take a good, long look in the mirror and know your worth.

That’s why I want to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you.

Together with my team, I have spent thousands of dollars developing these sophisticated job-searching tools and the templates that go along with them…

I typically charge $350 for a private career coaching session… and you don’t want to know how much it costs to join my full-blown coaching program…

Universities have paid thousands for me to present this information on job search strategies with their students ‒ who are amazed to discover that these “insider secrets” can help them land their dream jobs…

But, you won’t pay anywhere near that…

Or $1,997 …

Or $1,297 for the exact same information.

In fact, I think this is so critical to your career in both the short- and long-term…

Your investment today will be a mere fraction of what this information is truly worth:

Only $497 for the Pilot Program.

But …

This special introductory offer is ONLY for a limited time.

And I’ll only be offering it at this price once. After this, the price will increase considerably.

I created this to help you AND do so at a reasonable price that will definitely get you a HUGE return on your investment!

Don’t Waste Another Week Feeling Miserable In Your Job

I’m handing you everything – an entire “blueprint” that reveals exactly what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers look for when searching for their perfect candidate.

Giving you the tools, training and resources to quickly and efficiently evaluate opportunities… help you identify what you truly want… position yourself for success… And create a fulfilling career that you’ve always dreamt of having.

And you can try it RISK-FREE with my 90-day money back Guarantee.  If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the system, just contact our office and you’ll be cheerfully refunded your investment.

So there you have it. Now the ball is in your court.

Will you continue to keep spinning your wheels with job-searching activities that aren’t giving you results?

Or will you snap up this opportunity to rise above and become an “Offer Magnet?”

Here’s to seeing you on the other side…

Warm Regards,


Jennifer Tardy, EDI Career Expert

P.S. If you want to get ahead so you can finally look forward to Mondays… then you need to have a rock-solid strategy in place and key partners who support your job search.

This program gives you the ACTION STEPS, PROCESSES, AND TOOLS that are “game-changers” when it comes to finding a new job.

Don’t put off having the success that you’ve always wanted. Enroll NOW in:

“The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course” For ONLY $497.

Get started now!

What Makes “The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course” Different from All the Rest

I know there are other training programs out there.

But I know what we offer is unique, because we’ve been working with diverse candidates for a long time.

Here’s what makes us uncommon:

  • We tailor our advice to underrepresented populations
  • Mindset matters – We help you visualize the future that you want and go after it
  • We instill confidence by teaching you to have courageous conversations that create more time and space needed to find a great job
  • We’re here for you – We offer LIVE follow up sessions in between modules where you ask me questions and I answer
  • We help our participants through the emotional side of this journey as well, such as:
    • The confusion and frustration that goes along with a job search
    • The doubt and churning worry that is involved with writing a resume
    • The soul-sucking stress and nervousness caused by the Interview process
    • The confidence-stealing thoughts that contribute to post-interview anxiety
    • The courage it takes to negotiate your salary


We care so much because we’ve been there!

As I’ve said before, I’ve sat on both sides of the desk.

My goal is to help you feel more confident and prepared as you search for a new position – whether that position is within your current place of employment or a brand new position with another company.

If You’ve Read This Far, What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re like many of my coaching students, you may have tried other methods before.

Maybe you’ve read dozens of articles or even a few books, hoping to reduce the amount of stress you feel as you face a job search.

But somehow, you still feel “stuck.”

Well, it’s time to finally get “un-stuck” and capture that incredible opportunity you’ve been searching for!

The Offer Magnet Job Seeker Course is the strategy that will reveal the areas that have been holding you back. You’ll leap ahead of everyone else when it comes to attracting great offers.

Better yet, it will help you increase your value for your current position.  Even your current employer will understand that you’re a high-quality employee they want to keep! (Don’t be surprised if they make a counter-offer when you hand in your resignation…)

So don’t spend another moment stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed. Become an amazing “Offer Magnet” today!

Get started now!

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